Having an inspection done can be advantageous for both the buyer and the seller. As for the seller, recent surveys show that a higher percentage of sellers are now hiring home inspectors before their property is listed. This is due to the fact that inspected homes have been proven to sell 30% faster than homes that have not been inspected. Sellers will also have the advantage of knowing what is wrong with the home ahead of time, enabling them to fix any existing problem which saves them money in the long run, as these costs usually double when the inspection is conducted from the buyer's side.

As for the buyer, they will be made aware of any and all defects or unsafe and hazardous conditions in the home (mis-wired outlets, trip hazards, moisture intrusion, etc.). As inspectors, we are trained to detect as many problems as possible with various inspection techniques, tools, and education. Keep in mind; many of these issues are not readily visible or apparent to the untrained eye. The most important benefit to the buyer is peace of mind, knowing the true condition of the home before the purchase has been made. As of 2004, at least 77% of all homes in the U.S. have been inspected at the time of purchase and this number is growing every year, as buyers are realizing just how important this decision can be.

Benefits to a home owner:

Homeowners should have an inspection done on a consistent basis (annually or biannually), as this will add to the integrity and longevity of the home. Just like the body needs a regular physical evaluation, so does your home. Over time, various systems in the home will age and problems will arise. A consistent home inspection fully documents the condition of the home and catches minor defects before they turn into expensive repairs (or possible replacement). The home inspector at this time will address the problem and direct you to the proper contractor for repairs as well as giving possible solutions to these issues at the inspection time.

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